Desire Denied

Desire denied love dies finds another place to hide Love missed insists on a kiss Heart enflamed seeks to sustain the spark that was to blame © Sandy Hibbard 2017

A Moment of Eternity

  Remember when you first fell in love?  The many times you fell in love?  Remember how in the beginning every moment was magic and you wished it would never end?  In the midst of your love affair the responsibilities of daily living and other people and problems start to creep in (and they always... Continue Reading →


  It appears that love is not as statuesque as you may imagine as tall as a supermodel as buff as a bearded hipster everything you think you love hard can break like ice on a pond. Careful where you walk at what temperature and never leave the love of your life behind or they... Continue Reading →

Wheels Up!

  Wheels Up! Wheels up Time to examine my heart Time to say goodbye Did I say “I love you”? Did I say thank you? …Is that a tear in my eye? Wheels up Now it’s time to put on my face Time to text you I am leaving Is my phone off? Did my... Continue Reading →


My beautiful godson, Noah, just shared this insightful look into OCD. Please share this and let's help spread the word that those who suffer with OCD are not alone!  XOXOXO Sandy     My OCD - Noah Geopfert First off, I never once asked for this You've only caused pain and misery Thank God the pain is... Continue Reading →


Beautiful and tender, a lovely poem from House of Heart, I had to share. XOXO Sandy Esperanza There is a need of lips pressed, pressing, of hands seeking.   Here in my straight back chair, hold back the firestorm with your elegant hands and with your lips claim the hollow at my throat. Scatter my silk... Continue Reading →

Intimacy . . .

  Intimacy I want to see you. Know your voice. Recognize you when you first come 'round the corner. Sense your scent when I come into a room you've just left. Know the lift of your heel, the glide of your foot. Become familiar with the way you purse your lips then let them part,... Continue Reading →

Today I am thinking about my family and my sweet parents.  My dad is fighting for his life against stupid cancer and is struggling so, yet with the strongest will and spirit I have ever seen!  My mom is right by his side, after 60+ years, he is ever her love and serves him with... Continue Reading →

What Can Be

What Can Be In another time I could have been a dancer Dancing to the rhythm of my soul Or perhaps an actor playing out the scenes Of the crazy stories I have told I could have been a singer On stage with a thousand lights at my feet Or an artist moving heart and soul... Continue Reading →

Must it end so it can begin?

  Must it end so it can begin? The heart grows heavy in routine unimagined predictability must I lay aside my dream? Pick up a leaf and examine with a careful eye underneath the veins are sharp pulsing life like a network of bones held together by the fabric of its hide but the struggle... Continue Reading →

  Conversations of love For days I languish in love and sensual thoughts.  The sweltering heat keeps me inside my house, musing over photographs from the past, evoking laughter and tears, joy and and passion.  Sickness grips me for weeks, months on end yet, there is a sweet languor about the days that have... Continue Reading →

Mad Ice

I really believe that we grow stronger, smarter, wiser, more loving, more compassionate, more tolerant, more knowledgeable, with each dose of trouble we have thrown at us in this life.  Listening, being aware, I believe, is a major key in discovering the lesson needed to learn.  Here's a little prose I wrote with just that... Continue Reading →

Invisible Selfies

Invisible Selfies - You never saw the selfies I took after midnight Or read the poetry I wrote about my muse The texts where I shared my thoughts and wonderings I deleted They will never bother you - You never heard my passion or kissed away my tears So many nights your photos sang my... Continue Reading →

A Love Song

Every year as the ground slowly awakens to Spring, the birds emerge with their songs boasting their comeliness, inviting their potential mate with a whistle, and defending their realm with a rant .  Here is an ode to these little creatures and the songs they sing to each other... XOXO Sandy   A Love Song Following the... Continue Reading →

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