Welcome to Saturday Soul

“What is your heart feeling?  What is your soul going through?  What pisses you off, turns you on, gives you strength?  What’s up with love?”

….these are the things of Saturday Soul.

Learn to Hesitate


Welcome to Saturday Soul!
This is my outlet for poetry, prose and deep thinking on all things soulish.

I love the weekend.  Saturday and Sunday are my favorite days, they bring a hope of rest and soul contemplation that in my crazy world of marketing and advertising I have little time for Monday through Friday.  Saturday Soul is an extension of that feeling in blog form.  Here is a place to come and just hang out and think, be inspired, cry, laugh, get mad, share your dreams, let your soul just come out and feel what’s going on in your heart.

I will be posting my personal journal of writings on love and life. Now understand that all of this is not positive, motivational type stuff….SOULFUL is what we FEEL – joy, pain, hope, despair, love, hate, hurt, loss and triumph!  So hold on for a fun ride of exploration into your heart, the soulful things that make us human, the pain and joys that connect us.  That is Saturday Soul and I hope you will enjoy it with me!

Love and Peace!

sandy hibbard at #saturdaysoul


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