How Do You Say Thank You?

How do you say thank you? Thank you to love that has brought me unbelievable pain Thank you pain for teaching me how to navigate circumstances with my mind and a grateful heart Thank you to my mind for being strong, clear, resilient ever curious about how things work Thank you grateful heart for learning to accept... Continue Reading →

New Musings on Love

New Musings on Love When it comes, I feel completely distracted.  Getting me to focus on the things that matter is like pulling skin off my bones.  Funny how unpredictably these moments are, when the muse, my passions, utterly consume me.  What is that?  Why?  It comes upon me like an obsession, like a brain... Continue Reading →

Waking the Muse

I remember the exact moment when this verse came to me.  After months of grief, there was a magical moment when my spirit came alive again and desire was born.  The rain was coming down on a cold September day, it seemed to cleanse my mind and give me hope; I breathed in the air... Continue Reading →

In flight to Chicago

Flying to Chicago I love the feeling of taking off Kinda helpless You just let go of all control To feel the speed in your muscles And the roar of the engine in your head All that force Gently tacks you to the back of your seat You simply have to submit To the gravity... Continue Reading →

Luminarie laid out like a Rosary Winding like a ribbon Binding the girl to his heart Flowing Tasseling along Aphrodite's heels Reeling like a circus wheel

Deal or No Deal

I know you cannot go through life unless you are willing for love or money to make a fool of yourself.  Where else does the ecstasy lie? ~ Nikki Giovanni  

My Muse

My muse excites me. He awakens my ears to hear the night bird and the katydid. Have you ever experienced your muse?  In Greek mythology, poetry and literature are the goddesses who inspire the creation of literature and the arts. They were considered the source of the knowledge, related orally for centuries in the ancient... Continue Reading →

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