The Beauty is in the Details

Beauty is in the details.... the finely engraved laugh lines on an elderly face, the course gray hair that defines character and age, the tenderness of a forgiving and accepting heart, the juxtaposition of notes played or sung...

A Little Monday Mojo: FOCUS! (oh yikes)

"I wonder. . . what will you be focusing on today? What will that focus return to you? What positive result will that focus have on your world?" I just wanted to write a note of encouragement to everyone today, and hopefully start a conversation in your minds. Life is complicated, problems and challenges are... Continue Reading →

A New Measure of Success

A New Measure of Success Poetry by Jennifer Monet' at Almost An Open Book Photography by Lisa Kristine  Must we quantify success? Fine. I get it. We’re a society in love with numbers. I don’t hate math. But if we must keep some sort of count, To wrap our human minds around value, Let us not do it... Continue Reading →

The Art of Smoke and Mirrors

The Art of Smoke and Mirrors I am reminded of a trip I took a few years ago to see my big sis who was living in Nashville at the time.  We started the day walking through the village, getting a cup of java and sitting outside to watch the people pass in a misty,... Continue Reading →

Live Authentic

Live Authentic Here is an inspiring story, inspired by Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine, that I wanted to share.  How many times have we found ourselves living a lie?  Just a little lie?  Sometimes it is harder to be real and be who we are than it is to be who we think he {she-they-them} want... Continue Reading →

I Choose!

"I am not what happens to me.  I choose who I become." ~ Carl Jung Someone told me once that you can live your life by consequence or you can live your life by choice.  I want to live by choice.  It is not always easy, in fact, it is usually a challenge. When you take... Continue Reading →

Where is your essence?

It is completely meaningless to put effort into activities that have no essence. Let's just say that "essence" is "that which is".  It is what makes up the substance, the core, the fullness of something...of you, your ideas, your dreams, your work, your love.  It is the choicest, most essential part of you!  The question... Continue Reading →

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