Mad Ice

mad-ice-aliceI really believe that we grow stronger, smarter, wiser, more loving, more compassionate, more tolerant, more knowledgeable, with each dose of trouble we have thrown at us in this life.  Listening, being aware, I believe, is a major key in discovering the lesson needed to learn.  Here’s a little prose I wrote with just that in mind – trouble comes, and makes us sick at heart, angry, tortured – but if we focus our gaze on the infinite possibilities, the brokenness will break through FOR US – “…her moon smiles slight…raining ice as cold as malice…growing hearts as big as Alice”.  Love Love!

Mad Ice

It’s raining ice cold as hell
Won’t someone save me from this maddening spell?
Build the flame and let it spark
Who will save me from this freezing heart?
Some days are warm, I never feel the pain
Then the storm clouds come to make me small again
Why then? Why…
A shredded heart like shards of ice
Break the clouds and summon the moon
Slip and slide, grip and guide
The sky grows big and her moon smiles slight
Raining ice as cold as malice
Growing hearts as big as Alice

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