A Grateful Heart and a Strong Will

JC Hibbard tending his garden

Today I am thinking about my family and my sweet parents.  My dad is fighting for his life against stupid cancer and is struggling so, yet with the strongest will and spirit I have ever seen!  My mom is right by his side, after 60+ years, he is ever her love and serves him with her last ounce of strength.  They are my inspirations.  I am thinking of my sweet sisters and their families who are there by mom and dad’s sides, giving them the love, support and help they so dearly need, and my brother, who is here in NYC with me giving strength to his daughter and our Brooklyn family that has needed it this week. And of course my beauties – Josh, Sarah, and April –  though not with us physically, they are there in spirit sending love and encouragement.  Such love!  I am grateful for all.

I can see my dad in day’s past, tootle-ing around in his garden with coffee,  planting herbs and tending to his flowers, or cooking up something fabulously gourmet in the kitchen.  He moves about stealthily but deliberately to what is in his mind – I love him.  Get well pops, and be strong momma! Look for joy family, and thank each one of you for warming my heart with your love.


A grateful heart

I was thinking about a grateful heart
Where it ends and where it starts
There’s so much doubt that we endure
But I’ve found one thing to be true
When you seek to know another
Look with a sense of wonder
Deep into the heart
That’s where it ends and where it starts
Embrace those who choose to love
With tenderness and kindness
Walk in life without fear, open and sincere
Praise those who learn to forgive
and live with those who live!

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  1. A beautiful post and tribute to the strength of your parents. I pray everything goes well. My wife and I have been married for more than 30+ years, and she had cancer and fought. We fought it together. She is still here, thank God. Peace to you.

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