A Moment of Eternity


Remember when you first fell in love?  The many times you fell in love?  Remember how in the beginning every moment was magic and you wished it would never end?  In the midst of your love affair the responsibilities of daily living and other people and problems start to creep in (and they always do).  Life continues and you have to deal with the circumstances you are in and the humanity of the people involved.  I remember writing this during one of those times when I knew that eventually the reality of a situation would overtake the magic of the passion.  As I have grown in life and love, I have realized that keeping that moment of eternity takes a determined focus from both parties, a commitment to loving and keeping the blaze of passion ignited – no matter what – requiring a focus on each other – giving, loving, caring, paying attention.  It is not an easy thing, and no matter how hard we try, still, sometimes, it doesn’t work out.  But I am convinced that those beautiful moments are to cherish and for our hearts tender keeping, and sometimes, they will last forever!

Love and HUGS!


A Moment of Eternity

I don’t want the world to crush down on us
I want to stay in this moment
with you
covered in your kisses
in the rapture of our love
If it lasts a day
a week
an hour
I will cherish it
like it were an eternity
I will hold each memory
fresh in my mind
with every tingled rush of my body
every tender, passionate word spoken
every uttered sigh. . .


© Sandy Hibbard

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