My beautiful godson, Noah, just shared this insightful look into OCD. Please share this and let’s help spread the word that those who suffer with OCD are not alone!  XOXOXO Sandy




My OCD – Noah Geopfert

First off, I never once asked for this
You’ve only caused pain and misery
Thank God the pain is taken away by her kiss
Sometimes, you can even affect my memory

You keep me up at night thinking about my tics
Did I place my ring next to my bracelet?
Did I alphabetize my guitar picks?
Did I accidentally step on a crack on the pavement?

Did I count the lines correctly on my wall?
Did I count the number of the stairs at school?
Are the pillows still sitting up tall?
It’s a shame that I only come off as a fool

Damn it, I forgot my bracelet at school today
That’s it, I’m now throwing up and hurled over
One little mistake and I am no longer okay
My mind goes blank, going slower and slower

I’m now paralyzed with fear without it
Words can’t even come out of my mouth
This fear makes me so mad that I could just spit
I’m crying now, my thoughts have gone south

Why oh why must I check for my phone every half hour?
I think I forgot to lock all of my doors
1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,1,2,3 are the numbers of my flowers
Cleanliness, neatness, order, all needed chores

I swipe my deodorant on my skin 10 times
When I wake up, I’m already counting
8 steps to reach my bathroom, it’s all a rhyme
The numbers are simple but cause drowning

Did I wash my hands thoroughly?
I’m going over my to-do list for the 50th time
I’ve finally made it through the day, but narrowly
My sanity’s been stolen, isn’t that a crime?

Sometimes I even repeat my sentences over and over
Sometimes I even repeat my sentences
I don’t mean to, it just flows out
I don’t mean to

It could be a lot worse, but it’s certainly not fun
She helps calm and quiet my brain to make it find order
She keeps things bright just like the sun
You see, I’m simply a teen with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Copyright Noah Geopfert 2016

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