Wheels Up!


Wheels Up!

Wheels up
Time to examine my heart
Time to say goodbye
Did I say “I love you”?
Did I say thank you?
…Is that a tear in my eye?

Wheels up
Now it’s time to put on my face
Time to text you I am leaving
Is my phone off?
Did my message go through?
…Is that my heart I feel sinking?

Wheels up
Wings out
Seatbelt off
Can I make it to the restroom?
Can I please get up and move?

Do you see the twinkling lights?
A shiny strand of neon
Running crazy like a test tube
Captain we are home
Big hug and “thank you”

Wheels down
Flaps closed
Seatbelt on
Did I notice my flight companion?
Mr Captain
Do you promise a perfect landing?

Wheels down
I’ve been soaring like an eagle
I made it through the night
Do I miss you?
Can I call you?
…Is that a tear in my eye?

Wheels down
I blew you a kiss
As I was pulsing through the sky
Is my phone on?
Is there a message from you?
…What am I thinking, we already said goodbye


© Sandy Hibbard

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