– exploration –

“What is this feeling of love, life, freedom, exploration, beauty? I feel it all in one breath. In one sound of his voice.” Photo by Sandy Hibbard at Lensqueen.com Amsterdam Hotel

Could This Be?

Could this be? You love me? Why, love, do you turn your gaze to me? Eyes the warmest hue, I'm lost in you Why do I shy away? …afraid Not sure of what your heart will say Breathe on me Let your love set me free I'll not let go easily It's a dream maybe... Continue Reading →

Live Like the Young

Remember how we use to play play like there was no one looking our imaginations engaged, our dreams set free remember how we use to laugh laugh like we discovered gold we didn’t care if we disturbed anyone the game was on to see who could laugh the longest the loudest magic shows, secret hideouts,... Continue Reading →

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