Should I be silent or should I shout?

Voices beg for attention

That perfect note

The chord that pulls you in

A powerful tug rolling me under

Pleasure pains forgetting

Not forgotten

My hearts desire


But why not carry on?

Throw it out on fertile ground

A season of flowering

Fragrant as it ever was 

Shorter than it ever was

No more backing up

Looking up

Shake it up

Time to plant your feet

Fill your cup

This is what you want

A note

A Song

That is not mine

Another’s passion story

Still I play it

Listening for a message

Of hope and direction

To shout or not

To love or not

To make love or not

Who is listening?

Who is watching?

If I trip or I fall

It’s nothing at all.

© Sandy Hibbard June 26, 2022

One thought on “Dichotomies

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  1. I feel to make an effort, in vain by reason of a supporting role to those whose work is shameful, jwage is enough then but just enough when nothing is an alternative. Regimented this is still unfair, for you.
    Supporting those who are false cannot feel good. If you can find your feet it may be that the big city lights do not suit you and you need to get across the road just to be safe enough to work out what is going on. A village too can be a city.
    People can be a person.
    The present can be the future too where blessings are counted and taxed as belongings.

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