Must it end so it can begin?

women holding flowers #saturdaysoul


Must it end so it can begin?

The heart grows heavy in routine
unimagined predictability
must I lay aside my dream?

a yellow leaf on the ground #saturdaysoulPick up a leaf and examine with a careful eye
the veins are sharp
pulsing life
like a network of bones held together
by the fabric of its hide
but the struggle is easily seen
on the other side
fading green
mottled browns
tones of decay as it’s tossed to the ground
chosen by a flick of the wind
separated from its flower
tender foliage on a slender stem
must it end so it can begin?

The uncertain outcome of a constant cycle of rebirth
giving way to the purpose of nature
to go back to the earth
to become what it was meant to be
creative predictability

Toil not
want not
see how the flower’s clothed?
why in this world of human experience
we choose the path of letting go
to put away our wonder in exchange for knowing
to lie secure in rote
no longer taking chances
in thought
in dreams
or dances

Exhausted disillusionment
painful disappointment
we lose the grip
the flower fades
and off we drop
selected by the gales of loss
and endless scorching days
yet we are more
we are spirit with infinite possibilities
we spin the clock in creativity
to live and learn
to love and grow
again and over again

Turn over the leaf and you’ll see me
amidst the magic of the galaxy
engulfed in life
blood flowing
I refuse to let go
for what I’ve come to know
is love
and love is all

Turn over the leaf and you’ll see me
on this journey of routine
I set the sails with certainly
I guide my ship into my dreams

© Sandy Hibbard October 7, 2015

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