Living in the Future

A beautiful reminder to stay in the now…. XOXOXO

Of Undisputed Origin

I constantly catch my mind planning out my future. I might be thinking about where to have dinner (the very near future), dreaming of my next home (the few years away future), deciding on my next travel adventure (the hopefully this year future), or what type of shoes I want to buy next (the sometime this month future).

In my mind, I am living in the future. Creating my next steps along the way. My brain just constantly planning, scheming, dreaming and thinking about what lies ahead.

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.”  – Henry David Thoreau

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Pressed Coffee and Freedom

My morning routine is quite different these days, perhaps I will write about that soon…. but the message is still the same. Enjoy your Monday! XOXOXOXO

Saturday Soul

Pressed Coffee and Freedom 

For my brother Bruce

Every morning I have a little routine to start my day. After waking up I shuffle into the kitchen, fill up the water kettle, flip the little blue switch, grind the coffee beans and wait.  I wait for the water to heat and while I’m waiting I sometimes sit at my kitchen table and write postcards to friends, read an article from the latest issue of Vanity Fair or peruse recipes in my Savour magazine, some days I head back to my bedroom and start dressing for the day.

While the kettle is gurgling and hissing hot water, I’ll grab the organic non-fat milk from the fridge and pour it into my nifty Nespresso milk steamer, and I wait. I’m waiting for the right moment when the kettle flips off so I can pour the hot water over the freshly ground coffee…

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– exploration –

“What is this feeling of love, life, freedom, exploration, beauty? I feel it all in one breath. In one sound of his voice.” Photo by Sandy Hibbard at Amsterdam Hotel

Desire Denied

Desire denied love dies finds another place to hide Love missed insists on a kiss Heart enflamed seeks to sustain the spark that was to blame © Sandy Hibbard 2017


  It appears that love is not as statuesque as you may imagine as tall as a supermodel as buff as a bearded hipster everything you think you love hard can break like ice on a pond. Careful where you walk at what temperature and never leave the love of your life behind or they... Continue Reading →

Paris…a perfect garden

I love this little verse and the pic that goes with it. I wrote this on my first trip back to Paris after many years, it was the birth of my blog I hope it gives you a little image of one of my favorite cities. XOXOX Sandy

2 Sisters in Paris

I started my day today on a solo excursion up the street from our hotel.  I stopped at Cafe Pierre on Boulevard Magenta to have my morning (or actually early afternoon) cappuccino.  The sky is overcast today and the it is windy and a bit chilly, but when the sun comes out it warms quickly.  I spent time at several street corners with my camera in hand snapping cyclists – I was amazed at how well they navigate the traffic and the streets – people of all ages, sizes, men, women and kids!  I snapped the photo below of a beautiful Parisian dressed to kill and on her bike!  You would NEVER see this in Dallas!!!   The city is bustling all around me and inspires my muse….

Parisian woman on her bike

Pulsing, living, breathing, in and out
Paris the city of people – diverse, beautiful at it’s core
Inspiring, magical, elegant, cryptic, crazy…

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Beautiful and tender, a lovely poem from House of Heart, I had to share. XOXO Sandy Esperanza There is a need of lips pressed, pressing, of hands seeking.   Here in my straight back chair, hold back the firestorm with your elegant hands and with your lips claim the hollow at my throat. Scatter my silk... Continue Reading →


An interesting take on all this political mess…..

Pen and Paper

The troubles I’m having with this whole tuesday

I have lived all my live long days in the most wonderful state of Oklahoma. I literally love this place. I was born here, all my friends and a lot of my family live here. I have deep roots in my community of moore/southwest OKC. I have, all my life loved this magical place.

I am a fan of Lena Dunham, I think she’s a superstar and such a bad A independent woman. That has almost nothing to do with anything except in her book “Not That Kind of Girl” she said that she probably didn’t meet a republican until she was an adult.

I live in Oklahoma, I LOVE my friends and my family here. It is filled, very full with loving kind people that are registered as republicans. That has almost nothing to do with anything except that most republicans…

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Let Her Be Woman

Stunning and beautiful poetry from Daniel at – this is for all women XOXO



Let her dream, for she has loved too long,
and no mortal world shall e’er take her;
let her seem, for she has cried her song,
let nightmarish tide dare not wake her;
let her give, for she has all beauty within,
that no love may e’er take her breath;
let her live, for she has life yet to begin,
and let gods be bereft upon her death;
let her cry, for she has tears left to mend,
no sorrow is spared for her want of woe;
let her die, for she will arise in the end,
and by her death, all love may she know.

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Let it Pass

Be encouraged today and know this:  If you’ve got troubles, IT WILL PASS. In time it will heal, it will lose it’s power. Nothing stays the same and that means that nothing is set in stone.  You have the power to change your circumstances and your attitude about them!  Chin up! XXOXO Sandy

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