Accept the Unknown.... UG!  Embracing the mystery of life and accepting the “unknown” outcome has been a journey for me that I feel like I have only yet started. And even thought I am a grown ass woman, I feel as I am beginning to see life as a young person just starting out... Continue Reading →

I Choose!

"I am not what happens to me.  I choose who I become." ~ Carl Jung Someone told me once that you can live your life by consequence or you can live your life by choice.  I want to live by choice.  It is not always easy, in fact, it is usually a challenge. When you take... Continue Reading →

For My Son

Sons are the one original love of a mother's life.  You fall in love with them before they're even born and the love that develops through the years is a magical bond stronger than steel and sweeter than honey.  I know that's how I feel about my son. Here is a beautiful poem written by... Continue Reading →

Dig Deep to Grow Strong

Image: It seems like I am always writing when I travel....lately more than any other time!  It is fun to sit on the plane, unload my Macbook, and take a look at what I had written from the previous trip.  Occasionally I am delightfully surprised to discover something pretty cool I have written, and other... Continue Reading →

Growing natural and strong No doubt you have a personal goal list started that keeps you on track on how well you are doing in your life.  Your vision to expand your business, grow, improve your skill set, make more money, lose more weight, be a better person, stop smoking, cut back drinking, etc etc... Continue Reading →

JUNE 27Saturday soul, birthday soul, living soul, precious soul Mixture of love and spirit, insight and hunger, strength and frailty Growing up, letting go, diving in Saturday soul, birthday soul, moving soul, empty soul Filling the void, finding the space, living in grace Embracing my youth as a guide to old age Saturday soul, birthday... Continue Reading →

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