Alone in New York City

I work alone (mostly) and travel frequently.  Sometimes after a long trip when I have been working, I bring home with me more longing for connection and love than ever before.  Funny, you can feel more alone in a large, populated place like NYC than a small town.  Everywhere you look there are opportunities for... Continue Reading →

Just make a decision to love

I can see you, I can feel you, I can look in your eyes. I can touch you, I can talk to you, I can love you. I am standing out on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade looking across the East River toward the Manhattan skyline, anxiously awaiting the fireworks display for this Fourth of July... Continue Reading →

Pain, Loss, Faith, Hope, Shame, Despair - They CONNECT US! Yes, the words that we all understand - pain, loss, grief, faith, hope, despair, love.  And you know what I like about them?  They connect us! If we could ever stop long enough to be honest with ourselves and each other, we would find that... Continue Reading →

A bunch of squashes I think we are in for a long hot Texas summer.  I am sitting here trying to get inspired to go run (it's about  97 degrees this evening) and of course like any good Texan right now, I am hoping, praying for, and thinking about a wonderful, cooling, inspiring RAIN (I'm... Continue Reading →

What we all have in common   I had the privilege of representing the film The Glass House, a documentary written, produced and directed by my niece Melissa Hibbard and her husband Hamid Rahmanian of Fictionville Studios.  The Glass House portrays a common thread that runs throughout the human race, it is what we all... Continue Reading →

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