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Listen to the Night Bird’s Song

It’s getting hot, Summer is here and I have been sweeping leaves, planting flowers outside and inside I’m going through old photos, trying to get them in albums and organized – what a chore!  As I look through these photos hey evoke so many great (and sometimes painful) memories, it is amazing how much we have all changed.  My mom is always saying how she wants to “pick a bone with God” on why we had to get shriveled as we get old!  Haha!  Aging is beautiful – and as I get older I am trying to BEAUTIFULLY accept all that it brings.  One of the things I love about my age is the heightened ability to see and hear. Yes, you heard me right.  I am not talking about with my physical eyes and ears, but with my heart and spirit and senses.

I am a late night person, so I regularly experience the sounds and images of the night – the night bird’s song, the changing moon and placement of the stars.  I love the night.  I sometimes sit outside and write in my journal being inspired by the night bird’s song.  Sometimes he is there, sometimes not.  He is elusive and mystical, but always seems to come to me just when I need to hear the pure beauty that accompanies his song – when all else is still and quiet.  Here is a little prose I wrote about that special moment when all attention is focused on the sounds that ARE.

Wings of Night

Calm me wings of night
May I rest in your song not flight
For God gave me not wings that soar
But wings of thought and more
More to see to dream to show
Calm may come where I may know
I’m human
My song may not always be heard
But it will be in the heart of the night bird

I greet the day before it opens
when the light comes the night bird quietens
not stops
For the night is his home in the tree tops
where does he go when daylight dawns?
where does he take his calm?
my elusive, mystical friend of the night
Save me a song when all is quiet


© Sandy Hibbard 2017

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