Growing TreeGrowing natural and strong

No doubt you have a personal goal list started that keeps you on track on how well you are doing in your life.  Your vision to expand your business, grow, improve your skill set, make more money, lose more weight, be a better person, stop smoking, cut back drinking, etc etc etc.  It seems the thing we are programed to do, right?  And it’s a good thing, right?  But do you ever get sick of the put-on facade you see sometimes when people are trying TOO hard?  Setting goals is key, and embracing positive change is awesome, but when you try too hard to be “good”, or stay “positive”, it’s a little bit funny, sometimes just too fake.  I want to think about growth in me as a natural outcome of my heart, my roots, my motives.  Just how far can we go with that?  If we let go of some things in simple trust and flow with life, can we also expect a good outcome?  Can we let go a little and give control up to that pure flow?

I snapped this photo of this ancient oak down in Kyle Texas and when I recently looked at the photo it reminded me a a poem I had written about growth and a tree – here is it, see if you can see the correlation between this poem and what I wrote in the paragraph above.  One thing I love about nature, it just is.  It doesn’t struggle against itself.  It gives in to the natural condition of things – a beautiful mystery.

Tree of Transition

Towering tree of transition
Your leaves are green and fastened
Your bark is tender
Limbs are fine
Settled tree in time
May I see myself in the green
Can I hope for leaves unseen – still
Will inches add and fullness fourish
Let it be
Don’t disturb this tree
It’s better left that way
It grows in simple trust – thrust
Through to new growth
Reflecting a core of beauty and strength
Chance and the quiet confidence of
Into what it knows to be

Love and peace and unhindered growth!


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