Lost in his arms

Loving is so personal, yet in sharing it we help heal ourselves and others. When we remember our lovers and the moments we shared, we pull deep from our soul the essence of that person that will be with us forever. This is from one of those moments... XOXOXO Happy Valentine's Day! Sandy   Lost... Continue Reading →

Turn off the damn playlist!

Turn off the damn playlist! Spotify launched your 2017 most played songs playlist this month, and listening to it is a bitch! Just when you thought you were over that crush and making progress…  UGH!  When you thought you had put that loss behind you and were moving on… or when you finally were not... Continue Reading →

Funny how rain and drizzle dredge up the memories of days gone by. I am sitting in my office with the window curtains open listening to the rain storm on this winter day. The occasional faint sound of the blue jay making that famous Texas sound reminds me of the summers I spent here with cousin Laura... Continue Reading →

Inspired by bittersweet memories while driving up Ohio Street through my old stomping grounds on the way to the grocery store.  I was just home from Paris and everything seemed blah compared to the beauty and history I had just experienced.  The juxtaposition of the bane of suburbia and the resplendency of Paris became clear... Continue Reading →

Image by https://michellepleasance.com/author/michellepleasance/ Listen to the Night Bird's Song It's getting hot, Summer is here and I have been sweeping leaves, planting flowers outside and inside I'm going through old photos, trying to get them in albums and organized - what a chore!  As I look through these photos hey evoke so many great (and sometimes... Continue Reading →

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