Everybody Needs a Cheerleader!

  Everybody Needs a Cheerleader! Remember Sally Field in the 1985 Academy Awards ceremony when she gave her famous acceptance speech for Best Actress in “Places in the Heart”? She said “you like me, right now, you really like me!” There is something about that statement that resonates with me.  It's simple, we want to... Continue Reading →

Open Your Mind 

The biggest snag in communication is that people don't listen to understand, they listen to reply. Open your mind before you open your mouth.

Image by https://michellepleasance.com/author/michellepleasance/ Listen to the Night Bird's Song It's getting hot, Summer is here and I have been sweeping leaves, planting flowers outside and inside I'm going through old photos, trying to get them in albums and organized - what a chore!  As I look through these photos hey evoke so many great (and sometimes... Continue Reading →

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