A bunch of squashes


I think we are in for a long hot Texas summer.  I am sitting here trying to get inspired to go run (it’s about  97 degrees this evening) and of course like any good Texan right now, I am hoping, praying for, and thinking about a wonderful, cooling, inspiring RAIN (I’m so jealous of places like Seattle and Park City!).  Ahh Rain, the kind that makes me think of going to school when I was a kid, riding bikes in the rain, running around White Rock Lake in a cooling mist in the middle of summer….and so I fantasize!

And speaking of simple, cooling, natural things – here is a quick story I want to share that I read not long ago that really spoke to me – it is from my daily calendar that is filled with stories to ponder, thoughts and meditations on letting go and just “being” –

“Behind a temple was a vine with many squashes growing on it.  One day a fight broke out among them, and the squashes split up into angry groups, making a big racket.  Hearing the uproar, the head priest went outside, saw the quarreling, and scolded them: “HEY! Squashes! Why are you fighting? Now- everybody do zazen (meditation as practiced in Zen Buddhism).”  The priest taught them how, showing them how to fold their legs and sit up straight, and as the squashes began to follow the priest’s instructions, they calmed down and stopped fighting.  “Now”, the priest said, “everyone put your hand on top of your head”.  When the squashes felt the top of their heads, they found something attached there, which turned out to be the vine that connected them all together.  “What a mistake!” the squashes said, realizing their predicament.  “We’re actually all tied together, living just one life!”.  From that moment on the squashes never again fought.”

This story stopped me in my tracks.  I was taught this growing up as a preacher’s kid, Jesus teaches that we are all one – love your neighbor as yourself.  And I believe that.  But when I look at this practically, not religiously or spiritually, I see that we really are one community of living human beings  –  we share the same need for love, the same hurts and despair, same pains, same need for food and shelter and dignity, etc.   Stop and think about that – soak it in, put away your preconceived ideas of “how” we are suppose to be and look at the fact that we are all connected by this “vine of life”.  I can see it bringing greater tolerance and peace….and binding us to each other!

My takeaway from this?  We are one.  Let’s stop warring, fighting over this and that – we will never ALL agree on EVERYTHING and that is quite ok  – but if we stop, silence our thoughts and be still, we will understand.

…and maybe if we ALL THINK RAIN, it will come!  ; )

Love and Peace!


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