Monet by Sandy Wright

Funny how rain and drizzle dredge up the memories of days gone by.

I am sitting in my office with the window curtains open listening to the rain storm on this winter day. The occasional faint sound of the blue jay making that famous Texas sound reminds me of the summers I spent here with cousin Laura and my famed Aunt “Flodie” as we called her.  The happiest times I can remember.  But rain can also conjure up some wickedly stupid memories, so careful not too ruminate too much in the rain!

Here’s a little something I wrote on one of those rainy days that brings out in the soul all that makes us long for more meaning in our lives and in our love relationships.  XOXO

sandy hibbard at #saturdaysoul

Tears to Kiss

When I see the passion of your heart, I cry
When I see your eyes that light the dark, I cry
No other reason why

Your heart bled into mine
Our blood mixed as one
One life in one, giving all to all
I cry

Lightening strikes but once between two hearts
Tears of joy, tears of passion, tears of pain
I cry
For all the reasons I cry

Yet in my heart rages blue sky eternal
The hope for becoming one again
like man and god
sea and sky
meeting in the rain
to kiss

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