Turn off the damn playlist!

Turn off the damn playlist!

Spotify launched your 2017 most played songs playlist this month, and listening to it is a bitch! Just when you thought you were over that crush and making progress…  UGH!  When you thought you had put that loss behind you and were moving on… or when you finally were not “missing” too much. BAM! You experience those emotions all over again. Songs that connected your soul to a moment in time bring up that memory in a powerful way; that first meeting background song, a special accomplishment or event, dancing in the living room with your babies, that certain laugh, his smile, the smell of her hair, the passion in his eyes, the wrinkles in your dad’s face when he laughed, the smell of mom’s food she cooked when you were all together, the way he made love to you to that song… how you danced to your last dance, your first dance – all your senses connect through those notes. They are markers of your life. Bittersweet.

Then there are the mistake songs, even worse. The songs that represent a weird time you were in, when you were not quite yourself… “did I really date that guy…. what was I thinking?!” or, “OMG, I must have been smoking crack, how could I have possibly liked that song?!”  LOL Totally embarrassing! 

But ohhhh music, the framework, skeleton, the network of our soul. The background music of our story on this journey. Music is life… without it what ever would we do? 

Curious about my 2017 playlist? I’m not ashamed! You can listen to it here and learn all the secrets of my soul (hehe):  https://open.spotify.com/user/spotify/playlist/37i9dQZF1E9PGtfoBqhPXc

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