Lost in his arms

Loving is so personal, yet in sharing it we help heal ourselves and others. When we remember our lovers and the moments we shared, we pull deep from our soul the essence of that person that will be with us forever. This is from one of those moments…

XOXOXO Happy Valentine’s Day!



Lost in His Arms


He arrives on delicately penned wings, a muse

Burnished locks of tussled hair fall gently upon my face

He offers tender kisses from his full-wet mouth

And skips them lightly across my milk-white breasts

His steel-blue eyes pierce me deep with desire

Igniting spark-to-flame within my hips and thighs

MY muse


He awakens new delights, he pleases me

His delicate fingers skim the surface of my back 

Can he think me completely beautiful?

Lost in the moment together, we move slowly

Forgetting all mechanics

Responding to every impulse

Our slender legs intwined and bodies pressed together

With heat and sweat he guides me

And in one eternal moment the knowing of two hearts


He arrives like a god, brooding, smiling, playful

A gentle-constant longing tells me he is here

Does he want me as I am? As I want him?

He whispers secrets only shared with me

Spirit is weak as emotions stir


At his calling I escape the world of duty

Erasing all memory of experience

Tho’ I was lost

I am found in his arms



© Sandy Hibbard 



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