Wings and Whispers a poem on hope

Philosophical talks between friends is more than stimulating, it can be healing and inspiring. Often I find myself too deep in my head for my own good, and it is a conversation with a good friend that can usually bring me out of my well-guarded shell and back into the reality of life. I cherish... Continue Reading →


I am but a flame ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Emerging from the ember ~ ~ ~ Calling moon and sky ~ ~ ~

You are the Spark that is Enough

"Be encouraged today by the strength that lies underneath your pain.  Feel your tears then let them go - joy comes in the morning - you can count on it!" You are the Spark that is Enough You think big things come easily?  Try giving birth to a child. You think the earth exploded into... Continue Reading →

For what it's worth: its' never too late or, in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be.  There's no time limit, stop whenever you want. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing.  We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope... Continue Reading →

Waking the Muse

I remember the exact moment when this verse came to me.  After months of grief, there was a magical moment when my spirit came alive again and desire was born.  The rain was coming down on a cold September day, it seemed to cleanse my mind and give me hope; I breathed in the air... Continue Reading →

What are you waiting for?

One small shift - reading more, gossiping less, taking up dancing - can start a revolution and lead to a new profession, relationship, or mind-set. What are you waiting for?

  I don't know how long this will last or where it will go It may quickly disappear like smoke from an extinguished candle but my heart is awake and I feel alive again dreaming of love again there is an ember beginning to burn in my heart igniting feelings rolling though me like claps... Continue Reading →

Pain, Loss, Faith, Hope, Shame, Despair - They CONNECT US! Yes, the words that we all understand - pain, loss, grief, faith, hope, despair, love.  And you know what I like about them?  They connect us! If we could ever stop long enough to be honest with ourselves and each other, we would find that... Continue Reading →

George Jetson and Star Trek - bring us hope for the future ! WOW!  2010, 2011, 2012, 2013*&@#$!!  Back in the day when we thought of the "2000's" we thought of the Jetson's, Spock, the Enterprise and flying cars!  I wonder how our cultural collective conscienceness would have changed if we had known that things... Continue Reading →

Ending scorched heated days of summer crisp sun dappled moments laced with children's laughter gin and tonics and pool-side acrobatics cooler water flows from the hose Lacey and Caesar repose from ferocious growth to quiet contemplation summers' winds lay down Conspiring portrait of the full-moon laughing a chill on the skin wrapping, enclosing all that's... Continue Reading →

On the Flame of Love’s Embrace

If I could awaken from love's dream turn the mercury to a sliver and hush the very breath that warmth and joy delivers... If I could snuff the laughter to a filtered pretend chuckle and fasten tight the mystery with a hardened cut-steel buckle If I harnessed dreams' heart and hope with a cold and... Continue Reading →

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