scorched heated days of summer
crisp sun dappled moments
laced with children’s laughter
gin and tonics and pool-side acrobatics
cooler water flows from the hose
Lacey and Caesar repose
from ferocious growth to quiet contemplation
summers’ winds lay down

portrait of the full-moon laughing
a chill on the skin wrapping,
enclosing all that’s green hued
to orange-red speckled to woo me
the air turns pale while slower cars prevail
settled, quietly dreaming
flinging powered puffs across pure blue
Autumn’s breath begins to move

crunching dead-life beneath my feet
reminding me how quickly we expose
regroup, engage, pursue
green life hides beneath the heaving chest
promising a wild return pressed through cold-wet
chilling warming playful Autumn air
capturing a five-fingered turkey
returning laughter for care.

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