Wings and Whispers a poem on hope

Philosophical talks between friends is more than stimulating, it can be healing and inspiring. Often I find myself too deep in my head for my own good, and it is a conversation with a good friend that can usually bring me out of my well-guarded shell and back into the reality of life. I cherish that.

Here is a very brief glimpse of a chat with my dearest friend and poet, Kelli Geopfert, and the poem she wrote after one of those conversations.

“Life has this “butterfly” effect – everything is connected to everything. I can find meaning in that when I stop to explore my own life and troubles. A little introspection is good – examining our lives to find what matters, or if we matter at all. I have found that even one slight, one tiny movement, can change the course of  water – like a pebble that is tossed on the lake makes endless ripples as it skips across the water. A decision made lightly, accidentally, or premeditatedly, can affect lives that are yet unborn and change the path of the living forever. I have experienced that. How then, do we reconcile? The butterfly, yeah, it must be in the balance, in the changing. We are all connected, we are part of each other and all that we endure in this life will no doubt be part of another person’s story some where down the road. Makes me want to pay better attention.”

Once again, her words and the love behind them set my heart back upon it’s wings.

“I just come alive with insight and imagery when we talk about certain things, because I know you see the accordion-like dimensions we shift through in life, some musical, some not so musical, but ever-changing…”

Wings and Whispers

by Kelli Geopfert

Little slivers of miracles

Dancing cymbals of hope

The glass shimmies across

The snow, on wings of ghosts

Mercurial light

Between the shadows

Flickering in and out

All glistening and hallowed

And we ourselves slide

Between lights stricken

By fragile beauty and the

Bounty we are given

If we pluck one flower

Ere its time

We kill a thousand fields

A poem a rhyme undefined

Leaves poetry mere prose

One word from a life composed

Of fleeting sighs

And mute gestures

One poem metered fresh

Like a mass of night vespers

One man by friend or foe


Leaves many in

Earth-born graves

One tree planted

In fury and hope

Becomes an orchard

Full of dreams and ghosts

One soul kissed is

To love mankind

One soul’s death

Is prelude to mine.

For happenstance

Is merely a theory

We are chained together

By one query

Why are we here

In this bubble of glass

If not to hold what’s

Within our grasp?

To dance among fires and

Tinkling glass

To hope that Phoenix

Flies at last.

Interludes of candor

A love forged-fresh

Keeps us dancing

Above the ashes,

Grasping for slivers of


Singing what we

Once dared whispered

We meet between

The sliding shadows,

Exchanging glances or kisses

By a trust hallowed

And the lively glass

May crash wide and far

But oh how lovely

The prismic shards.

© Kelli Renee Geopfert  2018

Beautiful artwork featured is by Elliette Johnson, you can find her work here.

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