Pain, love, loss, faith, hope, shame, despair – this is how we connect


Pain, Loss, Faith, Hope, Shame, Despair – They CONNECT US!

Yes, the words that we all understand – pain, loss, grief, faith, hope, despair, love.  And you know what I like about them?  They connect us! If we could ever stop long enough to be honest with ourselves and each other, we would find that #1 – we are not alone, and #2 – we are all connected.  May not know all the answers (and we don’t) but we can sure get through this life easier when we don’t single ourselves out to be some kind of lonely martyr or pitiful victim.   Really.  What has gotten me through the tuff times in my life (along with the love and support of my family and friends), was knowing that there are MILLIONS of women (and men) around the world that are going through the same type of thing (or another type of painful thing)!  And we survive.  With love, we will survive.  Love for ourselves and with acceptance.  Acceptance without judgment.

Last night I watched Clint Eastwood’s movie Hereafter and wow, I will be thinking on this story and characters for days!  My short review is: slowly moving, powerful, beautiful, deeply touching, deeply emotional.  There were parts in the movie I wanted to wail!  But then other moments that made my heart smile.  My take away?  Just what I was talking about – the many similarities of our stories, our connectedness, and the sweet thread of humanity that holds us all together  – no matter where you are, who you are, or what you believe.  Oh, and let’s not forget that thing that is so common among us ALL – our faith, and our desire for more.  I thought about the loved ones I have lost and the blank despair your heart feels, just like one of the characters in the movie.  I related to Cécile De France’s character in her search for meaning of her experience – how many of us have a “secret” we are trying to give meaning to in our lives? And then Matt Damon’s character that struggles with his “gift” – is it a blessing or a curse?  Ever wondered that?

I love Eastwood’s movies.  I like the way he patiently moves you into his characters, until you know them, relate to them.  I just sat back and enjoyed each nuance of the 3 main characters and their stories that intertwine throughout the movie – it was a quiet pleasure with a hint of sadness mixed throughout, then blossoming into a cool breeze of joy…life is kinda like that, don’t ya think?

Love and peace…always!


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