You are the Spark that is Enough


Be encouraged today by the strength that lies underneath your pain. 
Feel your tears then let them go – joy comes in the morning – you can count on it!”


You are the Spark that is Enough

You think big things come easily?  Try giving birth to a child.

You think the earth exploded into being without a blast?

Does metamorphosis come without dying? Try to catch that butterfly.

Do we ever find the answer without asking the question?

Will Spring return if there is no winter death?

There is a season for everything

A time for all things

We are destined to grow and change and move into ourselves to bring nourishment and life, shelter and shade

But the shadow of our height will not appear if the rain and the sun have not done their work

Or the clouds with storm and thunder have not declared it so

When warmth mingles it’s kisses with the cold and frigid earth, a miracle will happen

A seed will grow, an opportunity, a healing, a new beginning

Small things are big, fragile things are strong

You are the spark from the big bang

Your creativity is the hand of God

Joy will come, oh yes it will

Grace and mercy too

As sure as the sun will rise

Because YOU are enough

YOU are all that is needed

© Sandy Hibbard

Amazing images are by A/R.

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