Key to your Mojo: A Strong Will and Determination

“My sadness taught me to seek answers and dig deep for truth; and when I came up with nothing, it pushed me to take one step forward.”


We have a choice in life. To take what comes and make it work for us or lay down and die. I have to admit there have been times in my life when the latter sounded better, but no. Somehow I knew to ride it out, to face the pain and deal with it in a real and palpable way.

I have spent most of my life searching for meaning, looking for answers, learning and seeking understanding. That foundation has instilled within me strength and courage, and a belief in myself that helped me through hard times. It gave me knowledge, taught me tolerance, and opened my eyes to love. These were my keys, but we must each find our own keys to unlock the individual challenges and mysteries of life. It’s really up to you. Seek out truth and answers, seriously don’t be daft about this life. Be willing to look at all your shit and deal with it head on. Lose your fear. And most importantly, believe in yourself. It’s a strong will and determination that will carry you through.

Happy Monday, or what ever this day is where you are!


sandy hibbard at #saturdaysoul

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  1. I really am not one of these it is up to you people but I like you a lot. I am socially perceptive and concerned that what I do is not getting through let alone even basic renumeration or prospective acknowledgement barring as a threat. That is gridlock, mental being a right (do what you want to do) only as advanced as my society and the need not to forget it to help understand misunderstood.
    Thanks you, mojo first came to my ears really 5 years ago from a super triathlete writer and she wrote so sweetly, so honestly. It has not been heard until now all this year.
    Mojo, something apart eh!

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