Just BE

Just Be…

Stop. Wait a minute. It’s over, 1993.

The years you’ve slaved, whipped the crack of dawn,

they’re gone.

Go ahead. Take a break in the middle of the day, feel the sun.

Lay on your bed, feet in the air, gazing out your window…

watch as the breeze floats the curtains gently across your face

tickle-ing your nose

making you sneeze.

You deserve it, it’s time to just let go.

Pour that glass of wine, take a walk along the street – and don’t forget your camera.

Catch the shots as dusk rolls out and nighttime becomes amorous as the skyline awakens,

twinkling, dancing,


You have 10,000 hours, you’re the expert on your living,

on your loving, on your reason.

The world is your oyster, it’s finally your season.

You’ve paid your dues, kept some unpaid, you gave your time for the charade.

You gave your years

to busy-ness,

the hustle and the stress,

the extra nights…


It’s time to rest.

Get a seat on the subway, ride a train or catch a jet,

see this world and learn to soar.

Get a sweet treat. Drink a coffee. Look at people. Find amore.

It’s okay, you have permission, no one’s watching,

no one’s listening.

Expect your best, demand your freedom.

Looking back 10 years from now, you’ll finally see what it is I see –

Hold close this moment only, let all else go

and just BE.



© Sandy Hibbard

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