Despite Even Me

Despite Even Me We had our time but it has passed  One Two Three chances  Missed  This inversion nearly laid me out Sucking down  Pressing  until there was no Oxygen The most powerful of emotions - Love  Under the covering of a silence so heavy Unwilling  Chilling Killing my heart in the process  A brick... Continue Reading →

The Wildflower

The Wildflower. Beautiful thoughts by aheartafire and so true. No matter what the circumstances, we will push through - keep a grateful heart and a strong will! XOXOX

Simple Wisdom

I recently came across this article and was intrigued. I could visualize the imagery of the sea from the writing and could feel the emotions attached to gaining the prize of something so beautiful.  Then in a second serendipitous discovery, I came across photos of AMA Divers -  Japanese "women of the sea" (more about that here).  The... Continue Reading →

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