Women And Men Rise Up To Your Beauty!

Comparing ourselves to others, even those we may admire tremendously, is the surest way to stifle or even lose our own power.✨ While others may be quite inspiring, their path is not ours; ours is not theirs. As such, comparisons can only hinder our progress with ourselves and our relationships with others.✨ The idea is to graciously accept each day as a gift of time that allows us to further uncover and discover our own power.

~ @SilverDisobedience


This is one of the most important things we will learn in life – to accept ourselves as we are.

It’s so easy to say, and man can we girls tout this philosophy at our book clubs and get-togethers, but then we race to the makeup counter and the botox clinic to improve those little things that we think make us look less perfect. Here’s something: you will never be perfect! Perfection lies within the acceptance of your own beauty. How you carry yourself, your attitude, joy, your confidence, THAT is what makes your natural beauty shine.

So back to the comparing thought… We live in a youth culture. We are confronted, often assaulted, with flawless beauty and extreme perfection everywhere we go – technology and social media exacerbate it 24/7. It’s hard to be ok with our flaws. I get it! I am a woman living and working in a youth culture of Instagram and influencers that eat botox for breakfast. I have to remind myself that there are no smoothing apps in real life. This is it baby! And you know what? At the end of the day, I’ve learned to be ok with myself. I have learned to even be dazzled by the imperfections that make me a unique human being.  ☺️  HOWEVER, I dare not go down the rabbit hole of comparing myself to 30-somethings, if I do, I will surely lose my shit!

Women and men rise up to your beauty!

Accepting yourself right where you are is the beginning of realizing your own personal power. Living in the moment and understanding that it is a gift, is the place where love is born – love for yourself and others. Healthy acceptance without nasty judgement frees you from the constraints of fear.  My #SaturdaySoul for you and I both today is simply to rise up and embrace your unique beauty – let your joy, your love, and your own personal power soar!


sandy hibbard at #saturdaysoul

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