Love’s Anatomy

Feel the sun on your skin and smell nature in the air.  Don’t miss this moment because of something stupid you or someone did in the past, let it go, living is now. . . XOXO


Love’s Anatomy 

~ your sculpted chest

holds the breath

that brings me your heart

~ your longish fingers

caress the face

that offer you my kisses

~ basquiat arms

embrace the woman

who offers you her love

~ your honey dipped lips

conceal the voice

that speak my name

~ without knowing

you reached for the heart

that brought you love

~ in your midnight eyes

I saw the soul

that only I could understand

~ let us mingle our kisses

in sweet wet whispers

holding in the moment

. . .one glance

. . .this chance

for love

© Sandy Hibbard

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