The Blues

There is something in the music that acts like a conduit - carrying  memory to feeling to desire on every note. A powerful thing...

To No End

"Emotions are too raw to let me lie.... this is what I want" Click the audio link to hear the spoken word: TO NO END  Oh don’t get me wrong I do love you I want to share life The little time that I have I want that to belong to you There is no... Continue Reading →

Dear World

Happy Valentine's Day Lovies!  Sometimes when I am writing, I think that if I could speak my poetry or prose, it might bring a deeper meaning to the reader/listener. So, with this special Valentine's Day post I decided to include a recording of me reciting the poem.  I hope you enjoy! Today was a thoughtful... Continue Reading →


Beautiful and tender, a lovely poem from House of Heart, I had to share. XOXO Sandy Esperanza There is a need of lips pressed, pressing, of hands seeking.   Here in my straight back chair, hold back the firestorm with your elegant hands and with your lips claim the hollow at my throat. Scatter my silk... Continue Reading →

Love’s Anatomy

Feel the sun on your skin and smell nature in the air.  Don’t miss this moment because of something stupid you or someone did in the past, let it go, living is now. . . XOXO Love’s Anatomy  ~ your sculpted chest holds the breath that brings me your heart ~ your longish fingers caress... Continue Reading →

My Secret Conversation

My Secret Conversation In between the night and mornings first light There is a quiet moment when thoughts of you fill my heart Never to share out loud, these vision are held soul-captive My own secret conversation No one else In that secret place where I reveal my tender self Passionate longings give way to... Continue Reading →

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