Even You Need a Little TLC


Be encouraged today because even though the pool is green and full of leaves, it still works, it’s just saying it needs your attention. All things living need a little TCL… give it to yourself!

I know from experience that we can all get caught up in thought – goals, responsibilities, finding the answers, asking the questions, dealing with pain from the past, worrying about the future – that we forget to take care of the organic nature of the things in our life. A very wise friend once told me “You can demand an explanation from the wind but all it will do is blow.”

I think most of us want life to meet us on our own terms, but like the image above, the pool water tells me “no” you have to meet life on it’s terms, you have to put in the chemicals, clean out the leaves and dirt.  Life is supposed to be hard, stinky, and messy.  We have to deal with it. We must learn to be ok with our life as it is, play the hand we’ve been dealt.  And in doing so, tend to the nature of things.  If we don’t – well, you know what happens, it stacks up and gets on top of you, crushing your spirit and your heart – making a mess of things.  So take the time today and give yourself a little TLC. You’re ok, things are moving in the right direction, you may just need to clear away the debris so you can see more clearly.

Love and hugs,
sandy hibbard at #saturdaysoul

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