Holding on to TRUE

Holding on to True
Painting by Dorsey McHugh and available for purchase at http://www.DorseyMcHugh.com

I said to a friend recently on the phone that after choices were made FOR me that were painful, I had to decide to ACCEPT those changes as mine and embrace the new place where I found myself.  The RESULT of our acceptance brings healing – I really believe that.  As long as we fight against changes that are happening to us and in us, we cannot move forward.  Dr. K told me once that acceptance was more powerful than forgiveness…..I have found that to be true as well.  Here is a little piece I wrote on the emergence of my heart from a bad situation to acceptance and fearlessly moving toward embracing love in every aspect of my life.

Love and Peace,

Holding on to True

Pulling myself up wasn’t easy
i thought i would die
i died a million times
drowning in an endless drought
of tears from the pain that broke my heart
But I am giving way to myself again
strengthening my mind in love again
returning hope to every you
embracing life in every hue
it may feel illusive now
but it is ever present
in me
as me
as you
as healing
i am holding on to this
i am holding on to true

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