Holding on to TRUE

I said to a friend recently on the phone that after choices were made FOR me that were painful, I had to decide to ACCEPT those changes as mine and embrace the new place where I found myself.  The RESULT of our acceptance brings healing - I really believe that.  As long as we fight against... Continue Reading →

What I Want

What I Want   This is my experience - my own To be held in your arms alone This is how I feel - cupid’s bow Once broken now revealed This is what I want - you coming back to me What is forgiven is set free This is what I need - sweet reflection... Continue Reading →

Kickback Sunday

I have been in NYC all week for business and visiting my family, I must have forgotten to rest up because over the last two days I have come down with a nasty cold. Needless to say my body and soul need to rest, so I will be taking it easy on this beautiful autumn... Continue Reading →

  I don't know how long this will last or where it will go It may quickly disappear like smoke from an extinguished candle but my heart is awake and I feel alive again dreaming of love again there is an ember beginning to burn in my heart igniting feelings rolling though me like claps... Continue Reading →

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