In Celebration of Women

Today is International Women’s Day and I woke up with all manner of stories running through my mind and excited about what I would share on this day, yet overwhelmed by the magnitude of what it means. Excited because in this moment we have an opportunity to celebrate women and their stories; overwhelmed because I have been surrounded by a group of powerful women warriors, my whole life… how can I possibly communicate my gratitude effectively?

I have been shaped by so many - the lovers, keepers of the faith, helpers of mankind, counselors, teachers, my mom and sisters, my daughters and nieces, aunties, cousins, BFF’s and the incredible lineup of female clients and women-owned business owners and co-workers that I have had the pleasure of working with for 22 years! It is an incredible tapestry and one that I am so proud to be a part of.

  Happy #IWD2018! I celebrate the love and contribution to LIFE that women make all across this globe. NOW is the journey out from ourselves into what is truly life. I am one. I contribute, I love, I give, I create, I am. ❤ ~ Sandy Hibbard

Holding on to TRUE

I said to a friend recently on the phone that after choices were made FOR me that were painful, I had to decide to ACCEPT those changes as mine and embrace the new place where I found myself.  The RESULT of our acceptance brings healing - I really believe that.  As long as we fight against... Continue Reading →

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