The Passion of Me

the passion of me at www.saturdaysoul.comthe passion of me

Have you ever just longed for the time you would truly like yourself, be comfortable with you? Have you every woke up refreshed and looked in the mirror and fell in love with the person behind your eyes?  Have you ever made a statement, then jumped back and said “wow, did I say that? pretty awesome!”  Sounds weird, huh? Yet a good healthy love of ones self is the sweetest thing in life and the most empowering resource we can own.  So today, you might be in need of a shot in the arm and for someone to tell you it’s cool to be you –  with all your faults, insecurities, passions, ideas, emotions, talents, and desires….here’s to you!   Keep looking for rainbows, I am.

Love and peace, Sandy

Folie Bergere

 Passion of Me

I am the enigma of my solace.
Sometimes I feel so alone
yet the throbbing of my thoughts
break through
to reconcile peace
in the struggle between soul and mind
clarity and longing
I am not magnificent
yet a wondrous woman I am
my soul pierces through
toward a play of knowing all
there is a veil that ensconces me
tenderly allowing the light to dance
upon my darkness
revealing the ebb of desire
against the flood of owning my own passion
this is real – this is me.

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