If You Wish To Make Gold You Must Already Have It

if you wish you make gold you must already have it

My mediation this morning was “If you wish you make gold, you must already have it“, jeeze!  What a way to start the morning when I am feeling pressure on projects and money that needs to be made.  Some inspiration, right? But wait! Then it started to sink in.  I have to have something to start with (and we all do!).  So I take that something and focus, put my 100% into it, nurture it, love it, center down over it, and when I am working with it I will give it my full attention and talent, as though there was nothing else.  I can see that it is the focus and love, careful attention, planning and hard work that will increase what I have.  So the question is, what do I have?  What do you have to build on?  What is the gold in your life?

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