SAFE with Want and Desire our New (old) BFF’s


I have to share a few thoughts on this poem I wrote.  I actually wrote this months ago and yes, I was there in my favorite cafe with my headphones on when I suddenly realized how isolated I was from the world, that’s when these words came to me.  I was reminded of them again this week in NYC when I was in a cafe and noticed that even if I wanted to have a conversation with someone, I couldn’t.  Everyone was on their smartphone or laptop and in their own safe cocoon.  How do we break through these techno-bubbles to really connect with a new person? Think about it and then share your thoughts with me.  XOXO Sandy


want and desire
want and desire
they have schemed again with my mind
the great and mighty judge
to put me in my place
and keep me right where i belong
alone with my feelings
not good enough
not worthy of love
here i am wrapped up in my self-made
of iTunes
ear buds in my ear
hands on my Apple
in the midst of a crowded
bustling Cafe Brazil
this is sunday brunch for me
nice and safe
no communication
no intimacy
no one can see me
just want and desire
i don’t have to expose who i really am
i don’t have to have a conversation
no eye contact for god’s sake
just good observation
safe here with my esteemed judge
alone with my favorite guys
want and desire
nice and safe
tucked away where no one can get to me
and where i certainly can’t get to anyone

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