She's going to win she says with a grin. Divinity, tenacity and gratefulness are her weapons, but will she stand?

Accepting Ourselves is where Freedom Begins

When you embrace yourself and your gifts as they are, without judgement, it will be a relief. You can relax and settle into who you are, accepting the opportunity and the room it gives you to expand on so many levels - and there will be nothing to hold back the growth.

10 Easy Ways to Boost Your Confidence

  There is no question to me that having PURPOSE drives more confidence in a woman than just about anything else... short of red lipstick maybe!   Beauty regimes, great bodies and fashion savvy are excellent confidence boosters... why?  Because on the surface it make us feel pretty, or handsome, desirable, and good about ourselves.... Continue Reading →

YOU Take the Wheel!

YOU Take the Wheel!  Be encouraged today. Take charge of your journey - you are the captain of your ship. Throw out every dead weight that hinders your navigation, find your own perspective and steer yourself into clear waters! XOXOX Sandy

The Passion of Me

Have you ever just longed for the time you would truly like yourself, be comfortable with you? Have you every woke up refreshed and looked in the mirror and fell in love with the person behind your eyes?  Have you ever made a statement, then jumped back and said "wow, did I say that? pretty... Continue Reading →

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