Attitude – choose the best one you can

you choose your attitude to the things of life

Whenever life acts we respond. If you win the lottery you will probably be happy.  If you lose your job you will most likely be pissed or sad. Whatever your reaction, it will depend upon your attitude. Fortunately, we control our attitudes. In determining how we face life it is our attitude that is the key.

“You are responsible for all of your experiences of life.”

Kind of a tricky but true statement isn’t it? The trick is that it does not say “in life” but “of life.” You are not responsible for everything that happens to you, but you are responsible for how you react to what does happen to you – that part is our choice.    The formula then in life is this:  ” life ACTS, and I (we, you) REACT”.  

Our reaction is under our control. In any life situation you are responsible for at least one thing: How you react. You will always be responsible for the attitude towards the situation that you find yourself in. Your attitude is your reaction to what life hands you and it can either be more positive or more negative – it is under your control and can be changed. With the right attitude you can be a resilient person.

Everyday, I try to keep my focus on having the attitude that will bring me success in every way – financially, spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Here is my tip to you on choosing the best attitude:  Choose to have a grateful heart for all that you have and have been given.  Choose to have a strong will, a strong will to live, love, laugh, give, and overcome adversity, no matter what.  Focus on having a grateful heart and a strong will and let it shape a more positive attitude about your experiences OF life.

Love and Peace!

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