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“What is this feeling of love, life, freedom, exploration, beauty? I feel it all in one breath. In one sound of his voice.” Photo by Sandy Hibbard at Lensqueen.com Amsterdam Hotel

Wheels Up!

  Wheels Up! Wheels up Time to examine my heart Time to say goodbye Did I say “I love you”? Did I say thank you? …Is that a tear in my eye? Wheels up Now it’s time to put on my face Time to text you I am leaving Is my phone off? Did my... Continue Reading →

November in New York City

"I get out of the taxi and it's probably the only city which in reality looks better than on the postcards, New York." ~ Milos Forman It's November in NYC, and it has never been better!  A little rain, cooler weather, sunny skies, cloudy skies, sidewalks strewn with the autumn colors of fallen leaves, the... Continue Reading →

What I learned in Paris

I just returned from an adventure in Paris. For all the details of the trip, please visit my blog at http://www.2sistersinparis.wordpress.com. Love and Peace! Sandy

2 Sisters in Paris

My Return from Paris

Alex and SandyAs I sat on the plane flying home from Paris, I was filled with emotions.  Not just sadness for leaving, happiness for seeing my kids and loved ones, or relief for a comfy bed, but also the continued wonder of life I have experienced from this adventure.

Going to Paris this time was a choice to experience the culture, the food, wine, meet new friends, work, and take photos.  I achieved all of this and more.  From day one, I walked each day exploring sights and sounds and smells of this wonderful city.  From the Boulangerie and it’s fresh pastries waking me up in the mornings with the most amazing smell wafting up through my windows, to the potpourri of perfume

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A visit with the poets

One more life The hills of Tuscany call my name Like I have lived beneath the branches of ancient cedars They call me to go higher One journey opens up another With scents of musk and lavender I am embraced by cobbled streets and fleas along the Seine Poets writing their mysteries Speaking to my... Continue Reading →

Bicycles and Other Love Stories

Bicycles and other Love Stories I rode my bicycle down the street inexperience got my toes caught in the spokes tore them to shreds yes, the hub of the wheel (that makes the bike go) how did I know? Then there was the speed queen experiment down the sticky asphalt hill no fear Sandy is... Continue Reading →

My Companion

My Companion Sail with me, will you? into a world we have never known into the mystic I want to know you there where our cares are shrouded in the fog home is calling come on mister can you hear it? Hold my hand like you have no fear I will be your map Be... Continue Reading →

In flight to Chicago

Flying to Chicago I love the feeling of taking off Kinda helpless You just let go of all control To feel the speed in your muscles And the roar of the engine in your head All that force Gently tacks you to the back of your seat You simply have to submit To the gravity... Continue Reading →

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