Bicycles and Other Love Stories

Bicycles and other love stories at

Bicycles and other Love Stories

I rode my bicycle down the street

inexperience got my toes caught in the spokes

tore them to shreds

yes, the hub of the wheel (that makes the bike go)

how did I know?

Then there was the speed queen experiment

down the sticky asphalt hill

no fear Sandy is here

Oh I can take this

out of control

over the edge, sure

breathless, scraped and bloody

fucker ate my lunch!

“It’s like riding a bike”

Then there was my pimped out Schwinn

ahh pretty flowing handlebars and that darling


I rode alone

full of pride and a fearless attitude

taking me to a new place

wind in my face, carefree

and my hair?

tied back in a bow

“It’s like riding a bike”

A green mountain bike, my only

mountain bike

built for control, stability, rugged terrain

excursions around the lake on Sunday’s

never really mine, just available when I needed it

when he wanted it

“It’s like riding a bike”

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