November in New York City

Getting a Taxi in November in NYC

“I get out of the taxi and it’s probably the only city which in reality
looks better than on the postcards, New York.”

~ Milos Forman

It’s November in NYC, and it has never been better!  A little rain, cooler weather, sunny skies, cloudy skies, sidewalks strewn with the autumn colors of fallen leaves, the smell of fresh baked bread, coal oven pizzas and sidewalk delicacies – this is the time to be in the city! I have had a crazy week, lots of work and still needing to catch up on rest, but I kicked that nasty cold and have been taking in the streets of NYC for the last few days I am here.  I will be returning to my home office in the Dallas area this week and even though I am ready to be home and see my loved ones, I am a little sad to leave.  There is an energy here that is undeniably New York City – it’s addictive!

New York Central Park amphitheater

Today I plan to meander over to the Farmer’s Market at Union Square and then possibly to Central Park for a stroll by the lake.  Maybe I will hop over to Rockefeller Center and look for a Christmas Ornament for my mom – whatever the day brings, I promise to soak it up and be in the moment, the moment that is mine.  I hope you will do the same.

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Love and peace!  Enjoy your Sunday!

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