The Glass House

What we all have in common



I had the privilege of representing the film The Glass House, a documentary written, produced and directed by my niece Melissa Hibbard and her husband Hamid Rahmanian of Fictionville Studios.  The Glass House portrays a common thread that runs throughout the human race, it is what we all have in common – pain, dreams, desire, tears, laughter, and the need for and giving of LOVE!  It is what touched me the deepest about this film.  No matter who you are, or where you live, or what language you speak, we basically need the same stuff.  When you watch The Glass House and see the stories unfold of these girls, you will realize, this could be my daughter, my grandchild….or me!

LOVE and PAIN, connect all of us.  It is THE thing we should remember before we pass judgment or pull away from someone because of our differences. What would happen if we could connect on that basis?  What if our world could be more like John Lennon’s song “Imagine”, that there were no boundaries that separated u?.  What if we could just be free to love each other?  What if we could be free to HELP each other?

These are the thoughts that The Glass House provoked in me….that we are really all the same, just different costumes.  Let’s choose to love the beauty in diversity!

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