Independent Children at Heart… We are

“If you’re going to be a solopreneur when you grow up and work for yourself, best to practice by playing in small spaces by yourself for long hours when you’re a kid!”


Do we ever really grow up? I don’t think so. Somewhere, deep inside, there is this child lingering and longing to climb into that cabinet and play alone with your cat, or dig into a mountain of dirt and plant land mines of GI Joes, or dress up in your momma’s high heels and hat and climb the suitcases like they were stairs to perform your favorite song for your stuffed animals. ha! We never stop longing for that independent freedom we knew as a child.

Somewhere along the way it stuck with me. The fact that I wanted – needed – to have a level of independence, especially in work, that would allow me to… ummm… play in the closet!  So I started my own business, and as a serial solopreneur I have learned the art of self motivation, leaning on my imagination, how to effectively talk to myself and conduct market research, and of course, how to juggle 100 balls and still be able to pay my mortgage or rent and find time to have a personal life.

There is something to say for independence, but sometimes ( I will admit quiet hesitantly) I think it might be nice for someone else to take my closet space and tell me what I need to go do!  Only rarely… maybe, sometimes.

So to all you children at heart that want to be independently working (nope, I didn’t say wealthy), here’s to spending time alone in your closet. Practice makes perfect!  ; )

Lovely night to all…



PS – The amazing photo is by one of my favorite contemporary photographers – Alain Laboile.

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