Self Help List

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Thank you Leo Babauta for this much needed list, and for being so right on!

zen habits: Self-Help List

  • Say thank you to everything and everyone, even to your grief and those who frustrate you.
  • Ask how you want to use this gift of a day.
  • See this moment as the most important moment in the world, and don’t wait to be happy.
  • Do every task out of love for someone else, and yourself.
  • To make better habits, put everything you have into small steps. And ask for help.
  • Travel lighter, pack fewer fears.
  • Overcome procrastination by sitting with one task, not letting yourself run from discomfort.
  • One thing at a time.
  • See discomfort as no big deal.
  • Ask yourself how you want to spend your one wild and precious life.

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