5 Simple Ways to Be Happy with Yourself 

I loved this article from LIFEHACK and wanted to share it with you. During this crisis, it has been too easy to fall into rabbit holes of self-deprecation and insecurity and to spend too much time comparing ourselves to others on social media. STOP and take a minute to read this and develop these practices... Continue Reading →

Self Help List

Thank you Leo Babauta for this much needed list, and for being so right on! zen habits: Self-Help List Say thank you to everything and everyone, even to your grief and those who frustrate you. Ask how you want to use this gift of a day. See this moment as the most important moment in... Continue Reading →

The Contentment Habit

Another great blog post by Leo Babauta at Zen Habits, there is truly a beautiful universe in each moment we become aware of!  Enjoy!   The Contentment Habit  By Leo Babauta I’ll admit I do it as much as anyone else: see the cool things that others are doing and wish I were doing something cool like... Continue Reading →

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